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  • Nicole Cox

    Spotlight on Nicole Cox

    "I started in the building industry as a young child helping my plasterer father. It was my job to mix plaster and wash the buckets all ready for the week ahead."

  • Helen Houston

    Spotlight on Helen Houston

    "I was 20 and David went working as a subcontractor and I did the books. We have always worked together, even in times when I have had another job as well."

  • Colleen Abela

    Spotlight on Colleen Abela

    ‘Last month I went along to the Safety Show to see what is available, and I regularly go along to information sessions provided by the HIA and other employer bodies. Work is never boring!’

  • Ann-Maree Brickwood

    Spotlight on Ann-Maree Brickwood

    'After working in a range of industries over the years it is by far and large the most legislated industry I have worked in with high financial and physical risks which need to be managed. While saying that I think it is exactly this combination which makes it so interesting!'

  • Kate Newman

    Spotlight on Kate Newman

    ‘I think you have to be open to the roller coaster of small business and be prepared for an ever changing environment. We have gained a lot from the power of positive thinking…’

  • Melissa Loring

    Spotlight on Melissa Loring

    ‘Despite the fact our business only employs 3-4 people at any one time, it was important to me as a wife, business partner and mum that Rick, our employees, subcontractors and visitors return to their loved ones at the end of the working day.’

  • Suzanne Burke

    Spotlight on Suzanne Burke

    ‘Initially I was dubious that we could work together as husband and wife, so I jokingly put Steve on 3 months’ probation. Well, it has been 3 years now, and in that time I have overhauled the IT systems, professionalised our HR and re-engineered most of our business processes and wrote a raft of new policies and procedure.’

  • Debra MacKenzie

    Spotlight on Debra MacKenzie

    'I have learnt never put it off until tomorrow. Always keep your bookwork up to date and always know the progress of each project so that you are aware of further expenditure'

  • Karen Fisher

    Spotlight on Karen Fisher

    ‘The most important lesson is to build relationships and become part of the crowd. The other lesson I learnt was to employ people to do those jobs that are necessary mundane items that take you away from core business.’