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How To Get A Builder's Licence

To work as a builder or tradesperson in Australia you must have a licence or be registered (depending on your state or territory). A licence or registration may require a combination of technical qualification, experience, skills and knowledge prior to application. One step in the process of gaining your licence or registration is to complete training which has been approved by the licensing body in your state. In some states you may also need to participate in ongoing training workshops to maintain your licence or registration. Contact the licencing body in your region to get all the information you need to take the next step.

HIA training options

HIA offers nationally recognised training that you can use towards the process of gaining your licence or registration, and keep you up-to-date with industry changes. You can also get (Continuous Professional Development) CPD points if your state or territory requires you to do on-going training to maintain your licence or registration.

Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) for technical qualifications

NRT is the type of training that makes up the technical qualifications component you need as part of your application for an industry licence or registration – such as a builder’s licence. NRT can be a short course, a combination of short courses or a full qualification. NRT must be delivered by a registered training organisation such as HIA..

Professional Development (PD) workshops for CDP points

PD courses are workshops that provide you with up-to-date information to increase your skills and knowledge. PD is also the way you can accumulate CPD points if your state or territory requires it as part of your on-going licence or registration maintenance.

Do you live in Victoria and require a Domestic Builder Registration?

HIA provides our members with a comprehensive assistance program called Builder Registration Workshops that provide you with the information and knowledge required for you to be successful in the application process of obtaining your Domestic Builder Registration. For more information or to book in for the next workshop click here or contact your nearest office.