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Meet your marketing goals in 2019 with these new digital offerings from New Homes Guide.


New Homes Guide is continuing its evolution to provide a progressive suite of digital marketing options for the new homes sector, with the release of new content campaigns to its recently launched e-commerce website.

Fresh off the back of introducing new packages and custom campaigns to this platform in 2018, this brand new offering is suitable for not only builder businesses but a diverse group within the housing industry, from mortgage brokers, landscape gardeners, interior designers and bathroom specialists to pool and spa companies.

‘We’re excited to have a campaign offering that is just as powerful for other businesses as it is for builders,’ says Ben De Jonge, New Homes Guide communication director. ‘Everybody knows that content is king, and now we give businesses big and small a new way to get their content created and amplified.’

‘now we give businesses big and small a new way to get their content created and amplified’


New Homes Guide is re-booting its Business Directory to give businesses such as these the opportunity to reach its highly engaged community of new home customers.

‘Marketers know that people are hungry for content and there is so much scope in the new homes sector to create and publish high quality material. Plus, we give builders and businesses access to our audiences so they can double down when they activate our campaigns.’

Put your business into the content marketing consumer-scape and activate a new campaign with New Homes Guide today. With its team of experts creating, managing and building engagement for your business, you can concentrate on what you do best.

Visit to find a package to suit your business needs.

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