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Stylish street appeal

Step back, survey the streetscape and step up the styling because homes with natural street appeal present with high value in a monetary sense and in terms of lifestyle.

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A smart, fresh and welcoming home façade is all important. Create that vital first impression with well-considered surfaces for walls, driveways and paths. Add an immaculate lawn for a pop of fresh green nature to complement any home style.

Make a statement, blend with the streetscape, or go for classic and traditional, but whatever style you choose, do it well, and include all the elements: walls, doors, windows, lawns and gardens, roof and gutters, driveway and garage doors. Don’t forget the veranda or front entryway, and even details like a bright letterbox and distinctive house numbers can move a façade from okay to optimal.

‘A great curbside appeal ticks all the boxes. For starters, your home’s street appeal is the first thing that’s noticeable from the outside,’ says Annie Reid, director of Atrium Media, specialist property writers.

Tanya Wagner from Heritage Building Group agrees. ‘A positive first impression from the outside of the property creates a mental picture of the inside, whether you step inside the property or not. A property’s street appeal creates a snapshot in the mind,’ she says.

Building a new home, or renovating an existing one, is an exciting time. It’s an opportunity to craft the perfect modern castle – one that looks polished from the front kerb to the back fence. The term ‘street appeal’ captures this well. Thoughtfully designed homes stand out from the rest of the street and instantly catch the eye.

‘Get the big picture by standing back on the street and surveying the property with objective eyes. The next step is about adding interesting focal points visible from the street: a stylish letterbox, bold house numbering, or crisp new paint on the fence. Consider your front garden too.’

Annie Reid, Atrium Media

Distinctive driveways

The role of the humble driveway in adding street appeal is being increasingly recognised by builders and buyers alike. This makes sense – driveways are the canvas that complete and connect the entrance and surrounds of a home.

With versatile functionality and a stunning appearance, exposed aggregate concrete options for driveways, such as Geostone® from Holcim Australia, make the perfect entrance to any dream home. Flowing from one space on to another, Geostone® provides the ideal welcome for homeowners or their guests. Follow Geostone™ on Facebook or YouTube for some examples.

It stands to reason that the increased street appeal that products such as Geostone® provide will improve the market value of the property. Research by Holcim – including a study of 407 homeowners from Western Australia and South Australia in December 2016 – found that homes with a driveway made of exposed aggregate concrete will attract higher sale prices than a paved or plain driveway.

Gorgeous gardens

It isn’t just a building façade and driveway that contribute to street appeal. The front garden can add a splash of colour to dress up the front of any home. An attractive garden area will actually add to the value too.

‘A home which sits comfortably on the block and allows for green space and garden is very appealing,’ says Tanya Wagner of Heritage.

A current trend in gardens is for low-water options with easy-care natives. But whatever your style, from lush and tropical to manicured hedging, all front gardens will benefit from a swathe of cool green lawn.

Geostone® driveways add so much to a home – including market value and natural street appeal
Photo courtesy Holcim
B&D House
All B&D doors come in colours for every taste
Photo courtesy B&D

Lovely lawns

Fresh green grass goes with every home and garden style, from sleek townhouses to weatherboard cottages. Large family homes can invite the eye towards the backyard with stepping stones in a neat lawn down the side path, while modern cubist homes can benefit from a sharp strip of green across the front.

Sir Grange is a premium home lawn solution to suit front and back yards, small courtyards or nature strips. It provides an excellent fine-leaf turf surface that looks magnificent and will complement any high-end construction.

Lawn goes with everything, from heritage-styled homes, modern units with a tidy front strip, or the weatherboard with a row of roses and a circle of grass. All of these front gardens will add to the street appeal of a home.

Getting good results with Sir Grange is simple, and care is easy. It uses less water and fertiliser than most other turf varieties and needs a lot less mowing. The turf in the picture [top left] hasn’t been mown in nine months. Sir Grange has a beautiful fine leaf and grows very well in the shade. It can also handle the wear and tear of dogs, kids and foot traffic.

This is a brand-new turf variety that is the result of years of turfgrass research and development. The result is a beautiful fine-leafed turf grass that is extremely low maintenance. Sir Grange has very high wear tolerance, shade tolerance and drought tolerance and can be maintained at a variety of heights.

Sir Grange is available from all Lawn Solutions Australia members Australia-wide and comes with the Lawn Solutions exclusive 10-year product warranty.

‘Consider your front garden too, if you have one. If you have open fencing, enclose it to create a separate garden that adds privacy and can increase your overall property value. There’s no need to invest in expensive landscaping either – opt for established trees that won’t take long to mature to provide screening and greenery.’

Annie Reid, Atrium Media

Wonderful weatherboards

Behind those lovely lawn areas, and lush gardens, rises the all-important home façade. The front elevation really starts with the walls. After all, they form the greater part of almost all frontages. With all that visual space to play with, you want to make sure it looks its best, so don’t let that big blank canvas be boring or bland.

We know that when it comes to a home, first impressions are everything. The exterior sets the tone for the rest of your house, and there’s nothing that says Hamptons like a classic weatherboard façade.

Linea™ weatherboard from James Hardie’s™ Scyon Walls™ range is made from a fibre-cement composite, which means your home can have all the distinctive features and classic charm of weatherboard without the maintenance of traditional timber weatherboards.

For Queensland homeowners Nathan and Melissa, Linea weatherboard helped them achieve a timeless Hamptons look in a suburb of classic timber-weatherboard homes, making theirs an instant standout.

In addition to a classic weatherboard façade, it’s the finishing details that really bring Nathan and Melissa’s Hamptons home to life. A palette of muted greys and whites highlight the clean horizontal lines of the Linea weatherboard. Visible from the street, quintessential Hamptons details like gables and circular vents complete the look and give the façade a timeless charm.

With products like Linea weatherboard, James Hardie is changing the way people think about their home’s façade. The process of choosing external cladding sets the tone for the look that will be carried throughout the rest of the home, from interior detailing to furnishing.

The exterior of a home speaks volumes about the style and personality of the owner, in a time when volume homes with similar façades are becoming increasingly common. And of course you can’t forget the importance of street appeal for improving the value of a home!

‘So, if you want to make a good impression right from the start, invest in an attractive entry and you’ll create that all-important emotional connection straight away.’

Annie Reid, Atrium Media

Lightweight luxury walls

Today’s builder is increasingly searching for innovative building solutions to meet demands for faster build times and reduced construction costs as well as the constantly changing regulatory demands for thermally efficient and sustainable buildings. And everybody wants a solution that looks great too.

Responding to these needs, Australian manufacturer and building solutions provider Bondor has launched LuxeWall®, a cost-effective high performance lightweight walling product with luxury exterior finishes for residential projects.

The LuxeWall® range delivers outstanding architectural finishes with flush wall and corner modules available in a range of trending Colorbond® matt and metallic finishes combined with an architectural UniSmart® trim finishing system.

As well as being attractive, LuxeWall® also fits the bill for being environmentally friendly. Due to its superior thermal performance and air-leakage control through interlocking wall modules, LuxeWall® creates sustainable and energy-efficient homes, reducing energy usage for heating and cooling.

And on top of looking good and being energy-efficient, the simpler construction method can deliver Australian residential projects more quickly compared to more labour-intensive methods like brick veneer.

LuxeWall® is designed and engineered for increased speed of construction with a unique concealed fixed system where the wall modules are fixed to traditional timber or metal stud wall framing.

In addition, LuxeWall® offers smart boundary wall options for detached residences on small blocks requiring FRL 60/60/60. Access to an AS1530.4 tested and certified boundary wall system that reduces costs and install time and provides a low maintenance and pre-finished boundary wall is now possible.

Boundary walls can be clearly seen around the corners as you walk past a home so don’t neglect this face of a building. Well-finished fencing and a clear path to the backyard add an enticing feel to a home on first glance too.

James Hardie
It’s the finishing details that really bring Nathan and Melissa’s Hamptons home to life
Photo courtesy James Hardie
As well as being attractive, LuxeWall® also fits the bill for being environmentally friendly
Photo courtesy Bondor

‘A property with strong street appeal will tastefully blend with other homes in the street and suburb. Residential properties with a good sense of scale and symmetry are very appealing.’

Tanya Wagner, Heritage Property Group

Wow-factor windows and doors

After you’ve made the perfect wall choice for your style of home you will need stunning windows and doors to suit. Inside the large surface of the walls, the right windows and doors can provide exciting highlights, or blend beautifully for an elegant and polished result.

With timber, the design possibilities are almost unlimited, whether looking to retain a home’s original style or reimagine it. Trend’s latest release for 2018, the Botanica Timber series of windows and doors, has been introduced for those who value the texture and tactile qualities that only timber brings. As a building material, it complements concrete, stone, ceramics and bricks, adding character to the façade of a home, regardless of the architectural style.

Botanica has been developed to complement Australian living and blur the boundaries between inside and outside. Its lavish window and door openings create an immediate relationship with the outdoors, allowing cross-ventilation and natural light, creating the feeling of being immersed in nature and adding an organic touch to the home.

As well as adding beauty and style, high-performance Botanica windows and doors enhance your home’s liveability by improving comfort and the usability of a space. A relaxed summer vibe is incredibly alluring but when the colder months hit, people want their windows and doors to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Timber’s natural insulating properties, in combination with Trend’s energy-efficient glazing options, make Botanica one of the most energy-efficient window and door frames available, ensuring year-round comfort.

To truly work with any trend, the Botanica Timber series offers 13 different products, each available in painted or stained cedar and meranti.

'Even if your entrance isn’t visible from the street, don’t simply forget about it. You can still focus on the bare minimum at a low cost and make a great impression. Invest in a tall stand with a flowering plant, grab a modern doormat and perhaps rethink your outdoor lighting too – a wall sconce or lantern look sharp and stylish.’

Annie Reid, Atrium Media

Good-looking garage doors

A garage door can occupy up to 40 per cent of a home frontage. So getting it right is vital for good street appeal. Australian garage door manufacturer B&D can help, as their designer range of sectional garage doors means the door can be designed to complement any look.

These garage doors are almost bespoke – the combinations are very broad and almost tailor-made. The specialised contemporary doors are designed for maximum eye appeal, because first impressions are so important.

B&D sectional garage doors ensure the even horizontal and vertical spacing of panel designs so critical to the overall appearance of a garage door. The doors are tailor-made to suit a garage opening perfectly, with equal-sized panels. There are options for different panel layouts, and the panels are available in a smooth or woodgrain textured finish.

All B&D doors come in colours for every taste. Eight unique timber-look colours range from deep warm jarrah through brighter mid-tones of bush cherry and blackbutt to classic Tassie oak.

Metallics come in options from classic black and white to sunrise silver metallic.

And for the bold there are solids of red, orange, lemon and ultramarine blue or green. These unique looks will make a home stand out from the crowd, complement the front door, and add a big splash of colour against light, dark or muted, earth-toned walls.

These doors have so many colour and panel configuration options, there will be a match for every home. There are federation panels for conservative owners and heritage areas, bold solid colours for the brave and timber tones to complement any frontage.

Wonderful windows, a statement front door, well-presented wall surfaces, tasteful garage doors, an inviting driveway and a lovely lawn will combine to give your home extra appeal.

Good looks and fine finishes will never go out of style in a home. So whether your build is going for Edwardian elegance or bold modern angles, remember to keep the exterior fresh and fabulous. Use colour, texture, materials and meticulous finishes to shift first impressions of your home from everyday to exciting!


This article was compiled with contributions from Holcim, Lawn Solutions Australia, James Hardie, Bondor, Trend Windows and B&D.

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