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Meet the industry experts you’ll be hearing from at this year’s HIA Summit in August.


Sarah O'Donovan

With a rapidly changing industry comes necessary adaptation, and ensuring success will require a proactive and informed approach to shaping the future of the training system. 

HIA’s Ninth Building Better Cities Summit will bring industry experts together on 7 August in Melbourne to discuss the future of home building in Australia, with a focus on skills, training and technology. 

The day is set to offer a rich experience of diverse and thought-provoking discussion, with speakers coming from a wide variety of backgrounds in construction and education.

All will be focused on the way we approach and develop the future’s industry professional. 

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Robert Sobyra

Robert Sobyra

The Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) Evidence, Data and Innovation Director, who has a special interest in the future of work, skills and training, will be looking at what he sees will be integral for the building industry in years to come. 

Robert will discuss how technological, social and economic influences impact the role of the building professional, and the way new models, such as the gig economy and automation, will affect your job and your business. 

Responsible for driving CSQ’s research agenda, Robert is a leading thinker at the intersection of construction and skills. 

Kerry London

Dr Kerry London

Built Environment and Urban Transformation Professor at Western Sydney University, where she is also Deputy Dean School of Engineering Computing and Mathematics, Kerry was the first female chair in construction management in Australia. Her work focuses on adoption of innovative technologies and she is considered a leader in construction supply chain theory and practice. 

Kerry will discuss what continued education and professional development will look like in the construction industry of the future, and will speak about the impact automation will have on the skills required for construction jobs as well as the wider job market.

Nadine Williams

Nadine Williams

Deputy Secretary for the Skills and Training Cluster in the Department of Education and Training, Nadine has held senior roles in the De-partment of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Finance and the NSW Government. 

It is vital that Australia has a level playing field between the VET sector and higher education overall, and earlier this year the federal gov-ernment opened the door to change through the Joyce Review into Australia’s Vocational and Education Training sector. 

Nadine will discuss what the review means for vocational education in the future and how it can provide a platform for a reinvigorated focus to make vocational training an equal partner to a university education. 

Mark Hands

Mark Hands

Chief Executive Officer for the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC), Mark began life as a tradesman (carpenter) and has gone on to complete three degrees, achieving a Masters level in education on the topic of industry-based schooling. 

A school principal for 16 years before establishing the AITC as an industry-based school – where graduating students attain a senior ed-ucation and an apprenticeship – Mark has a unique understanding of younger generations. 

With this unique insight into the incoming workforce, he will discuss why a trade might not be their first option, their career expectations, their education decisions, and how we can help them to choose a trade early and stay engaged. 

Rod Camm

Rod Camm

The Nous Group Principal with more than 30 years of experience in tertiary education, Rod Camm has developed an expert knowledge of policy, federal and state responsibilities, governance, institutional operations, management and regulation.

Rod applies data analytics and interpretation to policy challenges in public administration, tertiary education, industry skills development, vocational education, and training in schools and international education. He will explore the current performance of the VET sector, discussing the suitability of the trade training system according to its purpose. With an emphasis on the process, he will also discuss competency-based and fast-tracked learning.

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What: 2019 HIA Summit ‘Skills for tomorrow’

When: 7 August 2019

Where: Sofitel Melbourne on Collins 


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