Ring of fire

Ring of fire

The arrival of the Blade Flame gas cooktop, part of the Dolce Stil Novo luxury collection from Smeg, offers an elegant addition to your next kitchen project.

The arrival of the Blade Flame gas cooktop, part of the Dolce Stil Novo luxury collection from Smeg, offers an elegant addition to your next kitchen project.

The gleaming Eclipse black glass cooktop sits flush with the benchtop and is crowned by four, five or six Blade Flame burners.

A single, vertical ‘blade’ of fire rings the burners, which are coated with titanium to minimise heat loss and transfer maximum power to the cooking vessel. This makes them 20 per cent more efficient than other gas burners.

The cooktops come in three sizes – 600mm (four burners), 750mm (five burners) and 1000mm (six burners) – and feature burners in a variety of intensities from 4.0 mj/hr to 12.6 mj/hr.

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