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Competency-based completion

What is competency?

Competency is the consistent application of knowledge and skill to the standard of performance required in the workplace.

What is competency based completion?

Training Packages are made up of units of competency endorsed by industry. Apprentices are assessed against these units of competency by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Previously, apprentices and employers have entered into an apprenticeship agreement for a nominal amount of time (three to four years) to achieve their trade papers. As a result of the new policy established by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), apprentices can now complete their apprenticeship once the competencies from the qualification have been successfully completed and confirmed by the employer.

Apprentices can demonstrate competency through successfully doing a task, exercise or activity. This way, apprentices may complete their training program at their own rate based on their own abilities.

Competency-based training allows apprentices to move through their apprenticeship efficiently while maintaining an emphasis on quality of work. Once all parties agree, that all competencies outlined in an individual training plan have been achieved, the apprentice can complete their apprenticeship before the nominal completion date on the training contract.