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2017 HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards

GreenSmart Awards

HIA GreenSmart Awards recognise the diligent efforts of environmentally-aware residential builders, designers and manufacturers. The Awards recognise those who build or design environmentally-friendly homes, provide solutions to make homes more efficient or create newproducts for the building industry.

The 2017 HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards are now open. 

WA GreenSmart Awards

HIA members in Western Australia must enter the 2017 HIA Western Australian GreenSmart Awards.

Eco Essence Homes

2016 HIA Australian GreenSmart Award winners

2016 HIA GreenSmart Home
was won by Queensland’s Eco Essence Homes. The home’s smart design uses the natural environment for both heating and cooling, natural light and water for landscaping.

The four bedroom family residence exceeds the minimum thermal performance requirement, achieving an 8 star rating. Occupants can keep a check on their energy consumption with an energy monitoring system providing up-to-date usage information.

All winning projects can be viewed in the online publication

Watch the winners and finalists video

The 2016 HIA GreenSmart Awards were proudly partnered by  Origin Energystratco

Australian GreenSmart Award winners:

WA GreenSmart Award winners: