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HIA Building Apprentices

Whether it’s running your own business, taking over the family company or being the best tradie in the area, we can help you get there. Find out more

You will learn your trade on the job and attend trade school to gain additional knowledge and skills through accredited courses. Apply now

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Additional information and resources to help support someone you know, or your own transition into an apprenticeship. More

Frequently asked questions

How much will I earn?

This depends on the award in your state. Each award lists the amount to be paid on an hourly basis and usually includes tool and special allowances. Apprentices can also claim a travel allowance.

Each year, as you progress in your apprenticeship, your pay rate will increase.

When your apprenticeship ends, your wages will change to the appropriate rate for qualified workers in your occupation.

What will I be doing?

Most apprentices learn their trade through on the job experience. Your Host Trainer will sit down with you and the trade school and together will devise a training plan which will outline the basic training modules, the time it takes to complete them and the specific skills to be assessed.

During your apprenticeship you will get advice and support from many people including your employer, workmates and trainers. HIA Apprentices will help you throughout your apprenticeship. HIA cannot make you a quality tradesperson - that is up to you - but we will give you the tools for you to achieve your goal of becoming a qualified tradesperson.

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