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GreenSmart Partners

  • Kingspan


    Kingspan Insulation manufactures AIR-CELL®, Australia’s No. 1 thermo reflective insulation brand, and Kooltherm®, a world-leading CFC/HCFC-free rigid cellular insulation with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). The Kingspan Insulation range delivers innovative, high performance solutions in roof, wall and underfloor applications for both residential and commercial buildings. Kingspan Insulation is committed to reducing carbon footprints with thermal solutions for the building envelope.

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  • Liveability


    Liveability is a collaborative initiative that supports people to live the life they want, sustainably.

    Founded by the LJ Hooker Sustainability team and supported by a group of top knowledge, council and community partners, Liveability is focused on supporting the creation of our best homes – healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to community.

    HIA GreenSmart is a Liveability knowledge partner supporting sustainable solutions in the residential building industry.

    Further information on Liveability can be found on Liveability website or on LJ Hooker website

  • JH Envirtech


    JH Termite Barrier is an environmentally friendly pre & post construction termite protection barrier designed to meet the APVMA, BCA and CodeMark standards for residential and commercial buildings.

    The JH Termite Barrier (TB) has distinct advantages.

    1. JH TB has the security and compliance of an SAI Global CodeMark Certified Quality System (Certificate No: CM20096).

    2. JH TB has APVMA registration and approval No 80846/101770.

    3. JH TB has the ability to KILL termites when they come into contact with the Deltamethrin impregnated modulus fibre.

    4. JH TB which has Deltamethrin impregnated into its modulus fibre REPELLS termites before they are able to reach the critical entry paths into building structures.

    5. JH TB with its toughened physical outer layers encapsulating the Deltamethrin impregnated modulus fibre acts as a durable PHYSICAL TERMITE BARRIER.

    6. JH TB with its toughened polyethylene outer layers is approved to AS/NZS 4347:1995 Damp Proof Courses and Flashings.

    7. JH TB with its toughened polyethylene outer layers acts as a VAPOR BARRIER when incorporated in the JH TB full under slab and perimeter termite protection system.

    8. JH TB has the flexibility to be / cut / joined & moulded  to encompass the complex building designs which are required to accommodate the demanding geographic landscapes found in Australian.

    9. JH TB has undergone independent testing by PGR International P/L in accordance with AS3660.3.2014 and comes with a 50 year life expectancy warranty (terms & conditions apply).

    For more information visit JH web site: