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Building practices for superior quality

The truth is that new homes are better built, better designed, and use better materials, products and systems than ever before.

  • Today’s professional builders have knowledge of the latest materials and methods and know how to build a home that not only looks good but is well constructed and great to live in. Today’s new homes are bright and comfortable year-round, save on energy costs, have good indoor air quality and take full advantage of the many advances in building products, materials and systems. And to top it off, a new home is carefully crafted with attention to the details – both what you can see and what you can’t.
  • Modern home building is a team effort under the direction of a professional builder who uses the expertise of many skilled trades at various stages of construction.
  • Builders use a variety of efficient construction technologies to achieve unparalleled quality and performance. The majority of new homes continue to be based on brick veneer construction, utilising a timber frame with a single brick face as the external wall and generally using timber components in the roof framing. However, the use of other materials and systems is growing. These include steel framing, polystyrene cladding, and composite cladding materials such as fibre cement sheet and insulating concrete forms (generally hollow polystyrene blocks that are assembled together and then filled with concrete to form external walls).
  • Many building components, which were previously built on site, are now made to order in factories and arrive on site ready for installation. The result is tremendous time savings, greater precision and consistently high quality.
  • Some aspects of the construction process are highly mechanised today. With the advent of pre-fabricated assemblies such as roof trusses and wall frames and automated tools such as nail guns and high precision power tools, trades can work with much greater speed and accuracy.
  • Continued research and development by the industry has resulted in an incredible range of new building components and materials. From engineered floor joists to high-performance windows and composite bench tops, new products provide greater design options, reduce maintenance and increase homeowner comfort and enjoyment.
  • Today’s heating and cooling systems are compact and energy efficient. There is now more of a focus on passive solar design that takes advantage of winter sun to warm the home and avoids ingress of heat from the sun in summer. Different areas and climates around Australia have different needs. The Building Code of Australia acknowledges this and provides minimum energy requirements for all areas that will ensure a comfortable home wherever you live.