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Once you have found your new home

January 12, 2020

Make sure you have a solicitor review the contract before you sign. From here on, you will be working in close contact with your builder, or builder’s representative, to see your building contract brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

  • If the contract is conditional upon finance, finalise arrangements with your lender.
  • Before construction starts, your builder will call you in to choose colours and finishings such as cupboards, floor coverings and tiles (referred to as ‘owner selections’).
  • Your builder may ask you to make final decisions on placement of electrical, telephone and cable outlets.
  • The builder may make arrangements for you to visit your home in progress (for safety and insurance reasons you cannot drop by the construction site unexpectedly).
  • Just before your home is completed, you will be asked to join the builder on a walk through of the home to verify that the work has been done according to plan. Once the builder has reached practical completion you will be asked to sign a certificate of completion/defects document, noting any minor defects or omissions (it is not uncommon for there to be a small list). This triggers the warranty coverage on your home. Outstanding work will be done before you move in, or soon afterwards.
  • The builder will provide you with the manufacturers’ warranties on components and products used in your home.
  • Once you have paid the final progress claim (if you have finance through a bank the outstanding payment balance will be transferred from your financial institution to the builder) the builder will hand over possession of the house to you and you will get the keys to your new home.
  • During the first six months, the builder will touch up any small imperfections that may have emerged due to the house settling and materials drying out (completely normal in any new home).
BUT you don’t have to wait if you have questions, concerns or problems. Professional builders provide effective after-sales service as part of their commitment to customer satisfaction.

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